“It can’t be avoided, it’s horrible”: Marquez and the other MotoGP riders explain the danger

Not just Marc Marquez: all the MotoGP riders have had to face the highside, the worst side of motorcycling.

Marquez, fear in flight – MotoriNews

The World Cup MotoGP, a championship that has gathered a large number of fans year after year. Let’s not talk about the movements to encourage the growth of young promiseswith the aim of accompanying them to the most high levels. But there is always an ugly side and motorcycling is certainly no different. The falls, those moments when the injury is around the corner. But even worse are the highside, that is, when the pilot is literally thrown into the air. Such as what happened to Marc Marquez in Indonesia, the cover image speaks for itself… Moments of terror for those who watch, but above all for those who experience that moment from within. What happens in those moments? They explained it themselves pilots MotoGP, current or former.

Marc Marquez, how many flights

Certainly the number has scared the most in modern MotoGP #93. His constant search for limit (and even beyond) led him to be the protagonist of many accidents. More often than not, however, saythrow‘ genuine from his Honda. The poor man knows something about it Dani PedrosaHRC pin but often fractured precisely because of episodes of this type… In the case of Marc Marquezsometimes he got away with only a few ailments, on other occasions the injury arrived. Jerez 2020, the beginning of the long ordeal, was a case of this second kind. He didn’t come out unscathed either GP in Indonesia this year, given that Marquez had to deal with a new case of diplopia. Something he did tremble him first, and then sigh with relief when the problem is solved.

“Throws you to the moon!”

Sure Marc Marquez, the more successful of the last decade, he is the driver who is most remembered today. Clearly he wasn’t the only one, since i scary highsides they are the worst constant on two wheels. “It’s the accident more dangerous. Once I fell off my foot and broke my bones” he recalled Fabio Quartararo at BT Sports. It lines up Jack Millerwhich is even more direct: “Throws you to the moon! It’s really not funny.” The expert Aleix Espargaro highlights another scary occasion: “It’s easy to do a highside, but the worst is if you fall back on the track. So it is difficult to protect the pilots.” An ex also speaks, John McGuinness: “It can’t be avoided, it’s horrible. wait forimpact with asphalt it’s the worst thing.”

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