Checkpoints, €5000 fine if you get caught doing this: you do it all the time

The checkpoints intimidate and intimidate all Italian motorists, even those who always proceed in compliance with the rules of the road.

fine for this act
Checkpoints, €5,000 fine –

As absurd as it may be, we are all afraid at the sight of the checkpoint, in reality we should feel reassured by the presence of the forces of order who represent order, discipline and compliance with any rule of the CDS.

The first thing that comes to mind is to evade the checkpoint by changing the street, if you have time. If you are not in time and, for example, you travel without a seat belt or with the phone in hand, you try to solve the problem without attracting attention. Sometimes this trick works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The wrong behavior that unites all motorists

Be careful because because there is a particular behavior that unites many people. Some motorists at the sight of the checkpoint, indeed right before the ALT, they just think they’re running away.

Above all, those who are sure that they have committed particular, sometimes even serious, infractions do so without documents or a driving licence. Unfortunately, however, we must know that no matter how much we think of solving the problem, we do nothing but aggravate your situation.

Checkpoint –

What it means to escape to the alt and what you risk

Escaping to the halt means committing an infringement that sooner or later is paid for as well as creating dangerous situations for oneself and for others. While escaping, at high speed, you risk causing haste accidentscarelessness and dangerous manoeuvres, prohibited.

In general, checkpoints are located in the busiest areas of the city, especially in the evening, they are especially located near nightclubs, pubs and discos because most of the accidents occur due to alcohol and drugs.

With the forces of order and checkpoints, attempts are made to keep traffic and vehicles under control and to limit accidents, especially on weekends. For example, anyone who does not stop at the checkpoint, for whatever reason, risks a fine of more than €5,000.

So it’s good to know and keep in mind that when the agents call for a stop, it’s the motorists and motorcyclists are required by law to stop always and in any case, right or wrong.

The risk you run is receiving a very high fine, be careful especially in recent weeks because, given the holidays, checkpoints and checks have increased in quite sensitive way.

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