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When traveling on any vehicle, especially if you have to face long journeys, you have to pay attention to tire pressure, which in some respects may seem like a minor detail, but which is actually practically fundamental in many respects.

Tire pressure
Tire pressure –

Car tires are the only point of contact between the car and the road, so you need to take care of them down to the last detail, because inadequate tires can also cause terrible accidents.

An excessive among other things, tire wear can be the cause of excessively high costseasily avoidable with the right maintenance and the right checks carried out periodically.

High tire pressure and performance

We can therefore say that the efficiency of a car revolves around tuning, regular. Tire pressure ensures high performance as well as lower fuel consumption and more safety on the road.

Who pays attention to the car certainly note that flat car tireslead to higher consumption. If you travel in a car or a vehicle that has the wrong tire pressure, the vehicle’s fuel consumption increases significantly, and moreover the vehicle does not have good road holding.

You don’t need to maintain an excellent driving style, because if the car, both petrol and diesel, has over-inflated and under-inflated wheels, fuel consumption still skyrockets.

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tire pressure –

Tips for traveling with the correct tire pressure and not risking consequences of any kind

For this reason, before starting a long journey, it is advisable to have the vehicle checked by those responsible so as not to find yourself in unpleasant situations. Properly inflated car tires allow you to travel well and save on fuel.

To know if your car is consuming too much petrol or too much diesel, you need to know the specific fuel consumption of your vehicle under normal and optimal conditions. Immediately afterwards you can make a comparison and understand what is happening.

For those who don’t know, tire pressure must never be higher than 0.2 or 0.5 bar. If the values ​​are maintained at these levels, the wear of the tires is prevented, therefore less fuel is consumed and finally the life of the machine which does not travel under load is increased.

If the level of consumption were to increase, but the tire pressure should be in orderit is advisable to go to a garage immediately and have the car inspected completely, because the problem could also come from the air filter.

A clogged or slightly dirty air filter could cause a malfunction of the vehicle or excessive fuel consumption.