“It’s a dream I’ve had for years”

Andrea Dovizioso and his company win the tender for a very ambitious project. The official press release from the former MotoGP rider.

Andrea Dovizioso (Ansa)
Andrea Dovizioso – Motors.News

The news had been in the air for a long time and now it’s official from Andrea Dovizioso. Retired from the World Championship at the end of Misano GP last September, the rider from Forlì has never hidden that his professional “second life” would have been dedicated above all to motocross. In the last few hours, the management of the Monte Coralli track in Faenza has been made official by Andrea Dovizioso’s company. It will be a completely new, multifunctional facility with a new FMI Technical Center dedicated to off-road vehicles.

The former pilot MotoGP crown a dream of his that had long been in the drawer. In the empty moments of the championship he participated in some motocross races at the regional level. Now his company RPM has won the tender for the management of the runway for the next twenty years and will take the name of 04 Park – Monte Coralli of Faenza. Renovation works are also planned for the motocross track, thanks to the funds made available by the PNNR with the support of the Italian Motorcycling Federation.

Andrea Dovizioso’s new project

Andrea Dovizioso (LaPresse)
Andrea Dovizioso – Motors.News

The facility in Faenza, a few kilometers from the home of Andrea Dovizioso and in the heart of the Motor Valley, it will be modernized starting from the hospitality services up to a new track with high quality standards for drivers of all levels. Inside the 04 Park – Monte Coralli there will also be an office, a teaching room with various uses and a motorcycle shelter that will be used for the training of pilots and technicians.

Construction is expected to start in early 2023.”This is a dream I’ve had for years“, commented Dovi. “We want to carry out important projects and a place where off-road enthusiasts can meet and have fun. We will organize events and competitions. You can come to tour or simply to spend a different day, in an environment made of and with passion. 04 Park – Monte Coralli is an ambitious project, a terrain where off-road, mini cross and pump track will be together in a ‘full gas’ atmosphere”.

Massimo Isola, Mayor of Faenza, said he was enthusiastic about being able to rely on a competent rider like Andrea Dovizioso. The goal is to make this project something that can also fit into the economic and tourist sector of the area. “Collaboration with a great champion like Andrea Dovizioso will be a great challenge and we are particularly proud to be doing this part of the road with him“.

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