Garage, why shouldn’t you park your car there anymore: you don’t even imagine

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Whoever has a garage considers himself very lucky, because he has the possibility of always keeping the car under control and protected from the elements but above all from all those who, having no respect, can damage it even if for no reason.

never park car in garage
Garage, why you should never park your car there –

Unfortunately, however, not many they think about the fact that lethal toxic substances are often hidden in the garage, poisons that can endanger the safety of the person’s car and beyond.

Anyone who uses the garage as a deposit not only for the means they own but also for everything they have at home and which creates chaos and discomfort. We also end up conserving dangerous substances, of which we forget but which over time can be the cause of real disasters.

What you keep in the garage and what can be lethal

For example, in the garage we keep lubricating oils, batteries, paint, pesticides and much more, all of which are obviously dangerous for human health.

Lubricating oil is used to ensure that the car or any other vehicle always works properly. Unfortunately, however, it also represents a health hazard if you come into contact with the product even if you don’t want to a carcinogen can have incredible consequences.

Then there is the antifreeze liquid that is used for car radiators of any other vehicle to prevent the water from freezing, this too is a dangerous, toxic substance, if ingested it damages the heart, kidneys and brain. it can also cause death by poisoning.

When you go to top up the liquid, you must always wear gloves and a mask to avoid coming into direct contact with the product, preventing it from comes out because accidents can start out of nowhere.

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garage –

Batteries, pesticides and car running in the garage, what are the risks

The same thing happens with car batteries, especially lead-acid ones, which have been designed to reduce the risk of contamination of the external environment, but risks are not excluded.

Finally, even if we don’t realize it, if we start the car in closed spaces or in the garage, gases accumulate which can be particularly dangerous for human health, because we breathe them. In fact, in the garage there are often no windows for air exchange, which is dangerous.

To conclude, we cannot fail to mention pesticides which allow us to get rid of parasites but which endanger us because every time we enter the garage to get the car, we come into contact with them.

Any exposures, especially if prolonged, can be really dangerous. For this you have to be careful and if it is possible to avoid parking the car in the garage.