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For someone, having a personalized license plate may seem like a trivial matter, even superfluous and useless, for someone else it is a matter of life or death.

Personalized license plate
Personalized plate –

Anyone who cares about the license plate has a passion for cars and rims, so they take care of them at 360°.

The days are becoming more and more popular personalized plates of any kind and if for many motorists the license plate is simply a mandatory measure, for others it is a matter of personality to add to the vehicle in which you move.

Because companies and ordinary people provide for the creation of the personalized license plate

For this reason, more and more people from all over the world are requesting personalized license plates to be installed on new cars or even on old cars. The personalized license plate is a sign of recognition of the car, a way of informing others that you are in that place at a certain time, leaving no room for doubt.

Companies use it for advertising purposes, while individuals simply to customize the machine and that’s it. In any case, whether it is a private individual or a company a precise procedure must be followed which doesn’t take too much time nor too much money.

The first thing to do is register on the license plate customization site, then select the one that most interests you from the possible number plates and book. You can usually choose combinations of numbers and letters.

Personalized license plate
Personalized plate – Motori.News

What are the personalized license plates banned in the world and what are the reasons

But be careful because there are also combinations that are not allowed, prohibited by law. For example, those that recall the National Socialist era are prohibited, then those that violate morality. So we must first take into account the regulation of registration and then the rules of good civilization.

Many motorists choose a combination that provides information on date of birth, wedding anniversary, or date of marriage, date of birth of children, in short, an important event in their life.

Still others instead choose their name with a combination of numbers and letters or their name jointly with that of their partner, wife or girlfriend. It agrees that a personalized plate can also become a romantic gesture.

The reservation of the license plate has a variable cost, it changes from country to country, in general when proceeding with the reservation you pay about €12.