Highway Code, €8202 for those who do this by car: many do it

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One of the most dangerous and widespread gestures in the car can cost you very dearly: here’s how much the fine is if you do it.

highway code fine for gesture
Highway Code, €8202 fine – motori.news

The Traffic Lawsit can be really harsh at times. Of course, this is not a random severity, but a way to discourage the most dangerous actions that can be carried out behind the wheel: and in this case, then, there are hefty fines that can literally ruin you for the amount they can reach .

The protagonist of this article is not a simple lightness, but a very dangerous action which should not be done under any circumstances, not even in an emergency. You would risk your life and that of others.

It is no coincidence then that the Highway Code has decided to make the fines concerning this infraction even more severe, with an aggravation of the penalty that can cost you thousands of euros. But what are we talking about? Let’s go find out together.

The infringement that the Highway Code can punish you up to almost 9000 euros

The maneuver you absolutely should not do or attempt to do is U-turn on the highway. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t, because unfortunately it’s something that many people do, a very dangerous maneuver. Article 154 is very precise in this regard:

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To change direction or lane, to reverse the direction of travel, drivers must: a) make sure they can carry out the maneuver without creating danger or hindrance to other road users, taking into account their position, distance and direction; b) signal their intention sufficiently in advance“.

And this concerns the simple U-turn, the one that can be done on any stretch of road where it is permitted. In this regard, the law recalls that it is absolutely forbidden to maneuver: “…reverse the direction of travel and cross the traffic reservation, even at the height of the gates, as well as travel along the roadway or part of it in the opposite direction to the permitted one“.

The fine, on urban or extra-urban roads goes from 87 to 345 euros. Things get much more severe if you are on the motorway because in that case the fine starts from 2050 and can reach, brace yourself, 8202 euros. And that’s not all, because in the gift package you have to add the withdrawal of the license and the administrative detention of the car for at least three months.

Highway junction
Motorway junction – Motori.news

If you are a repeat offender, the confiscation arrives, together with 10 points deducted from driving licence. And be careful because if the maneuver were to be dangerous enough to cause accidents with serious injuries and deaths, there are all the extremes to proceed with the charge of the crime of road homicide. In short, it is better to be patient and wait for the next junction to change direction on the motorway.