Airbag warning light, 7 seconds are enough to solve the problem: anything but mechanical

Did your airbag light come on? We’ll explain how to fix it in just a few seconds without having to resort to the help of a garage.

airbag light fix the problem
Airbag warning light –

There airbag warning light we don’t see it turned on very often: fortunately. It comes on with all the others as soon as we turn the key and activate the instrument panel, before going out with those not necessary for using the car.

The airbag is a system lifesaver designed in 1952 by the American John Hetrich, although it took some time before it was patented and then used in cars all over the world. Today it is a standard accessory, essential to say the least for safety because it allows us to reduce the damage caused by an accident in the best possible way.

So let’s go back to the present: now the presence of the airbag is also signaled by a warning light located directly on the dashboard. In that case, the light is useful for signaling a system anomaly. So what to do if it turns on for no reason? Should we go to a mechanic? Not necessarily.

The airbag light came on, how do I turn it off?

First of all, don’t worry. It is possible that it is a nonsense that you can solve quickly and without having to go to the specialist. Through a few steps you can in fact do turn off the signal and continue marching without having to worry about everything exploding at any moment.

Airbag warning light
Airbag warning light –

The warning light may have come on due to even a very slight or accidental collision, which perhaps was enough to activate the sensor that signals problems with the airbag. There is no need to worry right away, because it takes very little to turn it off.

All you have to do is turn the key as if you want to start the car, but before starting the engine wait about 7 seconds. Repeat this operation 3 times and all the warning lights that signal an anomaly will turn off as if by magic.

Of course, this attempt only works in one case: it’s nothing seriousbut only something that for some reason triggered the light and that comes off easily with this method.

If, on the other hand, it turns on again after going off, it is clear that something is wrong. At that point you absolutely must go as soon as possible to a specialized mechanic who will be able to identify the problem and help you solve it, in the hope that it will not cost you a blunder.

Airbag signal
Airbag signal –

Always remember to do not try to solve such delicate problems yourself, especially in this case in which the presence of sensors and other systems intervenes which can be activated with the slightest alteration. Contacting a specialist is always the best thing to prevent a silly thing from becoming something.

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