Do you know how many points you have left on your license? Push these buttons on your phone to find out

Want to know how many points you still have on your licence? Don’t worry, just dial a number from home and you can find out the points balance of your driving licence, let’s see how to do it!

Points left on the licence
Points left on the licence- Motori.News

Like know the points balance of the license? There are several ways to get to know him, and you can do it for free, without paying anything, and directly from home. As you well know, the points license has existed for many years, since 2003 to be precise, and the system has changed since then.

The motorists try to make as few infringements as possible to avoid to have points deducted from the licence, that if they reset they are serious trouble. Let’s find out below what ways there are to know the free balance, in addition to the paid phone number.

How the points license works

Introduced in 2003, points license has changed the driving style of drivers, who are more careful to respect the rules of the Highway Code. The greatest attention is due not only to not taking penalties, but also to the fear of losing points on the licence.

In fact, if they reset, the risk is that the license will be revoked. A huge risk, therefore, that drivers cannot afford, because they need to drive their car for their own needs. At first the driving license score is 20 pointsand if no infractions are committed in each passing two-year period, two points are earned.

Instead, points are deducted for each infraction committed, which vary according to the extent of the infringement. In any case, as foreseen by article n° 126 bis of the Highway Code, they can get up to 30 points.

How to check points on driving licence

There are several ways to check the points balance on your driving licence. A first method is to check the driving license points balance for free on the Motorist Portala site that taxpayers can consult personally by entering the Spid or the CIE, or the electronic identity card.

Another document that can be inserted is the CNS, which consists of the National Service Charter. The taxpayer on the portal you will find all the data concerning the licenceincluding the reasons that led to the deduction of points.

The taxpayer can also check if there have been any bonuses. Another way to check the balance is by phone, by dialing the number 06.45775962, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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