Want to find out how many points you have left on your licence? Very simple, you just need 1 click

Finding out the balance of points on your license is very easy: just go online or use an application. Here’s how it works.

find out the points of the license
Discover the remaining points on your driving license with 1 click – motori.news

You are curious to find out how many points you have left on your licence or, conversely, what have you gained because you managed to keep yourself out of trouble for several years? Doing so is very simple and now we will explain how you can get your balance easily, quickly and immediately.

With this useful guide we want to help you first understand how the system works points licencebecause a review never hurts, and then we’re going to see how you need to do to understand how much your balance is, if you’ve suffered any reductions or if you’ve even earned bonuses up to the maximum established by law.

How does the points license work?

There points licence it was introduced in Italy several years ago. Each motorist, upon obtaining the licence, has 20 points at his disposal which are deducted in the cases provided for by the Highway Code.

Driving license facsimile
Driving license facsimile – Motori.news

In fact, it is not certain that every fine automatically corresponds to one penalty also on the points balance: depends on the offense committed and the degree of severity reached. For example, in the case of a speeding penalty, there is no deduction of points unless you go too far beyond the limit.

What happens when the points reset? What you expect, because you will have to retake both the theoretical and practical exam. An important clarification regarding new drivers: in their case, in fact, the deduction points are doubled and therefore they must be even more careful.

To recover the points you can follow the specific courses, for a fee, or be good for at least two years in order to recover, for each two-year period, any points lost and earn additional bonuses. In fact, if you don’t commit any infractions, you can even increase your starting points up to a maximum of 30.

How to check your points balance by phone or online

If you want to check how many points you have left it is very easy. You can do it by phone, by calling the number 848 872 872 from a landline: be aware that we are not talking about a toll-free number, so you will pay for the call unless you have a tariff plan that includes free calls.

License points balance
License points balance – Motori.news

Once you get the line, just follow the voice indications to receive all the information you need about your driving licence.

The more technological alternative is obviously the one linked to the web: you just need to register on the portal www.ilportaledellautomobilista.it connected directly to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Enter your personal data, those of your driving license, create your profile and you will immediately know your points balance.

Quick and easy: you can also do it with the application IP license that you find on both Android and iOS smartphones.

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