The Toyota Sunrader Makeover Turns a Motorhome Into a Sturdy Overlander 4WD

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This Toyota overlanding didn’t start life by being able to overcome rough and steep terrain. The camper was a two-wheel drive Sunrader before receiving a major capability upgrade. It has also undergone interior changes, retaining the camper’s original layout while receiving some useful modifications to turn it into a modern off-road warrior.

The camper is small but comfortable, featuring a long couch that holds the batteries and converts into a second bed. It sits across from a small dining table with two chairs and extra storage. The kitchen sits in the middle, receiving new locking cabinets under a large stainless steel sink, two-burner stove and counter. Above the counter is a long fiberglass cupboard, which now features Velcro closures in place of the old oak cabinet doors.

The bathroom is behind the camper and next to the main entrance. The owner, Greg, kept the original stainless steel sink but removed the door and shower, using the space for extra storage and separating areas with linens. The lack of an indoor shower isn’t bad if you’re camping in a climate suitable for outdoor showers.

The bedroom is located at the front of the camper above the truck cab. Fits a queen bed and has a skylight large enough to allow access to the roof. The bed has additional storage and a reading light. The center of the bed is removable, allowing easier access to the cabin.

Upgrades to a four-wheel drive system include other modifications to the pickup. This truck has custom wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich KO2 tires. The rugged bumper and tough-looking front fender flare are from Craigslist. Owners also upgraded the engine to the larger 3.4-liter Toyota unit, which required a hood scoop to accommodate it.

This modified Toyota Sunrader is another example of someone taking the initiative to learn and build what they want the DIY way. Greg was hesitant to get some work done, like wiring and electrical, but YouTube, tech support, and other forums helped him navigate the build process and learn some new skills.