Maserati MC20 With 7 Design House Aria Body Kit Now Available

The Maserati MC20 didn’t need any help, but the folks at 7 Design House offered it anyway. The company’s Aria body kit is now installed in the mid-engined sports car, and Wow, Nellie does it look good.

Technically, we’ve seen this upgrade before. 7 Design House unveiled plans for a body kit in April 2021, even before the MC20 goes on sale. As such, we’re only treated to a few renderings of the fictional but now alive and well, shown in the photo gallery below on a car courtesy of 7 Design House founder and CEO Peter Eskander.

The kit includes seven carbon fiber components that fit around the car. It starts at the front with the splitter, ventilation inserts and canards mounted just in front of the front wheels. Moving towards the rear, you will find side skirts at the bottom with a functional roof scoop at the top. The final bits at the rear include the rear diffuser and spoiler. The components are designed to be installed in the car without the need to drill or cut into the existing MC20 panels. Thus, the body kit shaves 12.5 pounds from stock.

It’s not just for looks, either. 7 Design House claims its MC20 Aria has 123 percent greater aero efficiency, while generating over 795 pounds of downforce at 200 mph. That speed is not very practical every situation, but for drivers who spend time on the track, the 199 pounds of downforce at 100 mph may be more appealing. An upgraded exhaust system is also available, adding 20 horsepower while cutting another 15 pounds of weight.

“When designing the MC20 Aria, our goal was to inject racetrack aero, while maintaining a pure and elegant design,” said Eskander. “Each component of the kit enhances performance and aesthetics, while remaining true to the original design DNA”

7 Design House didn’t mention a price for the upgrade, or a timeline for when customer kits will be available. Only 25 will be made; inquiries are now taken on the company’s website.

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