the last public appearance of 2022

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Pecco Bagnaia celebrates the victory of the MotoGP World Championship in his hometown. The municipal administration would like to create a new Tavullia.

Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia – Motors.News

After the world victory in Valencia last November 6 and the long trail of official and institutional events, I’m sorry Bagnaia took to the streets in his native Chivasso, a few kilometers from Turin, the birthplace of the Ducati world champion. Although he left the village when he was still a child, the MotoGP rider has never forgotten his roots, nor lost contact with friends and personal affections.

Sunday 18 December, after a morning press conference with the mayor Claudio Castello and the president of theOfficial Pecco Fan Club, Luca Cena, around 15:00 took the stage set up in Piazza D’Armi, challenging the final of the World Cup between Argentina and France on the timetable, an “error” in the program that aroused some small discontent at the level citizen. In any case, the party was perfectly successful, in the presence of several hundred people who braved even the low winter temperatures.

Pecco Bagnaia on the stage of his Chivasso

The Piedmontese city had gathered in the same square at the beginning of November, in front of the big screen set up by the Municipality for the Valencia Grand Prix, decisive for confirming itself as world champion in MotoGP. A historic goal achieved at the end of an incredible comeback against the outgoing champion Fabio Quartararo, going from -91 to +17 points in the championship standings. “Seeing more than five thousand people in the square, in front of the giant screen, was something magical“, declared Pecco Bagnaia at the press conference. “A beautiful mess that made me really happy“.

Although I am a resident of Pesaro, where he recently received honorary citizenship, the Ducati rider feels strongly tied to his small town in the Turin hinterland. The local administration dreams of an elegant future for Chivasso Tavullia, taking advantage of the image of the new champion to relaunch the local economy. Francis, however, holds back utopias: “Chivasso must not imitate Tavullia but must do something in Chivasso style“. On the occasion of the Valencia race, the mayor of Tavullia went to the Piedmont town to see the Valencia Grand Prix on the big screen. A twinning between the two Municipalities will be possible, “but we Chivassesi have to do things our way”.

Finally he is asked for a comment on the Juventus, of which he is a big fan. Many hope that the Juventus team can recover after the last difficult months. In this regard, Pecco Bagnaia does not seem particularly optimistic: “This year I see it tough. There is a need for harmony in every group and this season I seem to see very little“. Now that the celebrations are over for the champion, it’s time to go on vacation and then concentrate on the next MotoGP season.