Hairspray on the license plate, because many do it: the reason is absurd

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Several motorists have come up with a do-it-yourself method to make their car’s license plate shine. To do this, they use normal hairspray.

Lacquer on the plate
Lacquer on the plate – Motori.News

But what is this expedient for? Are you aware of this seemingly absurd practice? Here’s everything you need to know and the real reasons why this product is sprayed on car plates.

Many people engage in seemingly useless and absurd practices, but many times such moves are striking for their sheer ‘brilliance’. The automotive sector, then, lends itself perfectly to the study of do it yourself operationscapable of aesthetically improving your car or increasing general practicality.

In this article, we are going to talk about a bizarre usage on your car. In fact, many users choose to use a product that appears to be completely useless in the world of engines. We are referring to the very normal hairspray. But what did some motorists think? Why would spraying this product on your car’s license plate favor a certain aspect?

Spraying the license plate with lacquer is one of the many methods used by Italian motorists to escape the normal controls of speed camera devices present on the street. But is it really so? Can this product make your car license plate unreadable?

Car license plate lacquer - Motori.News
Spray hairspray on the car license plate – Motori.News

Let’s tell you how right away this move – as well as all other operations aimed at defrauding speed camera devices – it is absolutely illegal. The counterfeiting of the plate, in fact, is severely punished not only by the Traffic Laws, but also from Penal Code. Here are all the details about it.

Spraying hairspray on the license plate – the illegal move to fool the speed camera

As mentioned, spraying hairspray on the tablet should – according to some comments from motorists that can be read on the web – make the license plate unreadable after the speed cameras have been triggered. Some motorists believe they can get away with speeding by simply spraying this aesthetic product on the rear license plate of their car. But does it really work?

Putting hairspray on your license plate is an illegal move to fool speed cameras. But does it really work? – Motors.News

The hairspray should – according to some – make the plate shine and therefore dazzle the speed camera control system. This would reflect the sun or light from the camera’s flash. It’s actually not like that. In fact, the camera is calibrated to always take sharp photos. Any attempt to forge the license plate will prove futile unless you cover up any letters and numbers present.

Therefore, spraying hairspray on the license plate is not a useful and legal do-it-yourself operation. In addition to the waste of time, you will also risk facing a very heavy fine.

Article 100 of the Highway Code says about it: “Anyone who circulates with a vehicle equipped with a license plate that is not their own or counterfeit is punished with the administrative sanction of payment of a sum from 2,046 to 8,186 euros”. And also: “Anyone who counterfeits, tampers with or alters vehicle number plates or uses tampered with, forged or altered number plates is punished under the penal code”.

Article 102 of the Highway Code adds: “Anyone circulating with a plate that is not clearly and fully legible is subject to the administrative sanction of payment of a sum from 42 to 173 euros”.

The spraying of the lacquer on the license plate falls under the case of an attempt to counterfeit it. A thorough check by the police, therefore, would put you at serious risk of suffering a very heavy administrative fine. Instead, it would not go to criminal law. In fact, you only go to criminal prosecution in the event of counterfeiting of the license plate with real physical objects.

We close the article by inviting everyone not to waste time devising illegal tricks – and often even useless – to evade speed camera devices. Compliance with road rules and – in this case speed limits – is always the best move to make for the safety of everyone on the road.