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When driving any vehicle you need to pay attention to any action. because even what may seem trivial or of little importance can put your driving license at risk.

car photo
car photo

While driving a vehicle, whatever it is, anyone does what they want and when faced with the temptation to break the rules he does it quietly because he underestimates the highway code and its laws.

The advice can only be to avoid doing it because otherwise you risk big, the consequences they can be quite serious.

The steering wheel of the car can be a weapon if used improperly

We should all have thought that having the wheel in your hands is like having a deadly weapon. This could guarantee an extra pinch of attention and respect for the rules.

When driving you must always be focused on the road, so keep your hands on the wheel, never take them away except in an emergency for a very important reason.

For example, the mobile phone in hand is absolutely forbidden, just as it is forbidden to wear make-up, search for the radio station you prefer or select a playlist. All of this should be done with the engine off and not while driving on the streets.

Psychic pathologies or driving under drugs or under the influence of alcohol are the most dangerous things ever, it is not for nothing that they cause fatal accidents, which over the years have preciselydestroyed the lives of entire families.

Slowly many steps forward have been made in the automotive world, to allow you to drive and answer the phone without getting distracted or taking your hands off the wheel. To date, the use of cell phones remains prohibited and punishable by law.

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What if you take photos or videos while driving and cause an accident

Among other things, any use when driving a vehicle can become an aggravating factor, which is especially dangerous for those who commit vehicular homicides.

So from now on, it’s good to know that if a motorist causes an accident with a cell phone in hand, he risks a lot. Many people use to make a video of the dashboard with the speedometer to show traveling at speed.

Those who do not only commit a violation of the Highway Code, but risk getting a fine ranging from €161 to €764. In the event of an accident, the footage can be used as unequivocal proof of the violation.

Many people from the entertainment world also make this gesture. For example, recently, Belen and many players also got into trouble.