Why do so many people use a sun visor strip in their cars? Goodbye fines forever

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In recent times it is very easy to come across cars equipped with a particular sun strip on the windshield. It is very useful to protect your eyesight from the sun’s rays in every situation. However, it is essential to respect certain limits. But did you know that this accessory is also useful under an aspect other than that relating to the correct view behind the wheel? Why will it make you get fewer fines? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Sun strip
Sun strip – Motori.news

There sun strip on the windshield It is a handy accessory used on many cars to ensure a longer life protection from solar rays and prevent the user from being blinded while driving with the sun on their faces. An expedient that is certainly very useful and appreciated by millions of motorists.

While driving plays a key role, therefore, provided that it is positioned on the windshield in a correct and regular waywithout obstructing the driver’s view in any way. Furthermore, the sun visor also plays a key role during the summer months, with the car parked in the parking lot. It will guarantee greater thermal insulation and make the sun’s rays beat less intensely.

But what standards must it meet in order to be regular? A sun visor strip may be supplied on various models or may be inserted at a later date by the user. Regardless of this aspect, it is essential that it respects certain parameters imposed by the Highway Code. Which?

It must be placed only and exclusively on the upper part of the windshield and should NEVER go too far. In fact, he will have to have one maximum width of 10 cm. If this limit is not respected, you could be punished after any roadside check.

But why could this accessory also prove useful in not getting you fined in the event of the presence of a speed camera device? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Does the sun visor allow you to take fewer fines? Here’s everything you need to know

There sun stripIt is usually black or dark and is self-adhesive material. Furthermore, it is very practical and easy to assemble. You can apply it yourself, as long as you’re handy enough for this kind of operation. Alternatively, you can go to your trusted workshop. In just a few minutes, you will have your own sun visor on your car windshield. But why is this accessory also useful from a strictly economic point of view? What’s true?

Sun strip fines
Does the sun strip make you get fewer fines? Here are the details – Motori.News

Let’s start by saying how Speed ​​Cameras are a real nightmare for millions of motorists in our country. It has made its way on the web the hypothesis that the sun strip could obscure the photos taken, making the license plate number of the car in transit unreadable.

But that’s actually not the case. The sun strip is, as mentioned, an absolutely legal accessory to place on the windscreen of your car, provided that it respects certain parameters and is approved. On the other hand, it is useless in the case of speed cameras. It doesn’t reflect the sun to dazzle the camera flash, as many claim.

The speed camera device is calibrated to always take clear photos in every situation. Also, take a photo of the rear license plate as well. The band is placed in front and, therefore, there would not even be this eventuality.

Many users try to create tricks to counterfeit their car’s license plate and try not to pay the fines. But in the case of the sun visor band there is not even the risk of being accused of fraud in this sense. The purpose of the sun visor is completely different.

The sun band always protects you from the sun and is certainly not a gimmick to get around speed cameras. In order not to pay the fines, the only legal things to do are to respect the road rules and the speed limits present on a given section.