Car seat, it’s incredible but in an emergency it can save your life

Car seat, anyone who thinks they know its function and perfectly the car in general. In reality, those who think they know everything are wrong because all cars have secrets that, once discovered, can change your life.

car seat secret function
Car seat –

Few people really have an idea of ​​how all the components of a car work. Is there someone who, not being particularly careful or who uses the car only for traveling, does not even notice the peculiarities cwhich he meets face to face on a daily basis.

Knowing the function of the car seat for example, however, is important because allows you to drive consciously and take full advantage of all its possibilities, knowing how to behave even in the case of extreme events.

The secret of the car seat that no one knows

One of the secrets of the car seat is represented by the headrest, anyone who believes that it is only needed for a matter of comfort, therefore to maintain the correct position while driving, actually the headrests they have another essential functionwhich once discovered will become fundamental and indispensable.

Up until the 1960s headrests were optional, then a few years later they became part of all cars, both for comfort reasons and obviously for safety. For example, if for a reason whatever the car should be found to be submerged in waterunable to open the door or the window, the headrest could be the only one able to save the life.

In fact, the water pressure would make it impossible to open the windows and doors, the electrical components could even stop working suddenly for obvious reasons. Here the headrest would be the only useful one because it can be unscrewed.


Here’s how to use the car seat headrest in an emergency situation

By managing to unscrew the headrest, which as anyone will have noticed, has metal fittings, it can be used to break the glass and to get out of the window or in any case to save both energy and oxygen.

Obviously we hope never to find ourselves in these situations and not having to find ourselves in the conditions of having to use the headrest in this way, however it is good to know how to do and what to do to save yourself in this situation. many other emergency situations. The headrest therefore not only ensures the correct posture while driving in traffic, but has great potential: it saves lives. In situations like this, however, you have to keep calm, this is the most important thing of all.

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