Can’t remember when you last checked? Just go to this site, it’s very easy

Think you forgot when you had your last car inspection? Don’t despair, because this site gives you the answer.

last revision
If you don’t remember when you did the review, just go to this site –

For car review means a vehicle control procedure designed to allow for evaluation of safety conditions, level of pollution, emissions and noise: all these values ​​must comply with what the Highway Code says with regards to the specific vehicle.

This periodic check, it must be said, is also one of the easiest to forget. This is why it is important to know the due date of your reviewso as to understand when to prepare for the next check.

Don’t forget after all that a failure to inspect your vehicle can lead to heavy fines from the police, with mprices ranging from 173 to 694 euros: figures that can double in case of recidivism. Be careful because if you don’t take action immediately, the risk is that of suffering an administrative detention of the vehicle for up to 90 days e very high fines of thousands of euros.

How to check the latest car inspection and why it is important to do it

Having said that, let’s take a look at the most common methods by which to check if the vehicle you are driving needs an inspection as soon as possible.

Car review
Car inspection –

Let’s start by remembering that the first review of cars for the transport of people or things with a load not exceeding 3.5 tons is envisaged four years later the first registration. If you have a new car, therefore, you will have to consider four years later from the moment you took possession of it.

Subsequently, the deadline becomes two years with periodic checks that must be carried out at the owner’s expense. To find out when your inspection expires, just take a look at the registration date of the car shown on the registration certificate or, alternatively, at the date of the last inspection which can be found on an adhesive label applied to the same card.

Finally, if you want to get techy, you can leverage the website of the Motorist’s Portal. Once connected to the portal, just click on “Check Last Revision”, enter the license plate number and then on “Search”.

At this point, you will see the detail of information such as the type of vehicle, the license plate number, the date of the last inspection, the outcome of the same and the kilometers recorded by the person carrying out the inspection.

Car inspection certificate
Car inspection certificate –

To carry out the review, simply go to one any garage that offers this service: generally, the check takes about an afternoon and you can have your car back within the day, except in special cases.

The inspectors will check that your machine complies with the standards in terms of pollution, noise and safety: if everything is ok, they will issue a inspection certificate which will certify that the periodic check has been passed, with details of the work carried out and the kilometers of the car.

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