Stickers on the car, forbidden to stick: you’ll get in trouble if you don’t remove them

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How many times have you seen cars with special stickers attached to them that cover the entire rear window or rear/front window?

Stickers on the car
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One always wonders if they are accepted by law or prohibited, answering is not difficult, indeed in some ways it is also easy to understand.

There are many motorists who decorate cars like houses, as best they prefer to personalize them as much as possible. In general, those who do it first find out whether by law they can do it or not. But there is also who doesn’t think twice and do it regardless.

We must be careful because if the stickers on the car are attached in a way that does not comply with the law, there is a really big risk.

Stickers on the car, here’s how to proceed by law

Cars can be customized with particular objects and with the stickers that we like best or that best represent attention to us, however, because they are not always accepted by law.

In some cases affect driving safety, because they block the view ahead, behind or to the side. In still other cases, the sticker occupies an area greater than 0.1 square meters, making it dangerous to travel in this way.

To understand if the stickers you like and would like to paste in your car are approved by law, you need to start the approval request, this only for the side windows and not for the rear window.

For the rear window the problem is less because the driver can also use the exterior mirror to be able to orientate and therefore to keep the whole road under control. Vehicle stickers belong to two groups.

There are the functional ones with the environmental stamp, with the cartoons, which represent parking for the disabled and then those to decorate the car, with the football club, those which indicate the children on board and the favorite band, not necessary but beautiful to see.

Car stickers

Here’s what to watch out for and how to remove stickers that are somehow prohibited

In all these cases, however, attention must be paid to the dimensions and positioning of the same, then the symbols must not be prohibited symbols, they must not obstruct the view in any way, should not be larger than 0.1 square meters.

Then they must be able to be removed easily. To do this without damaging the bodywork or the glass, you need to heat the adhesive with a hair dryer, then use a plastic scraper to try to loosen it and to peel it off, and then slowly pull.

Finally, to remove any glue residues, an alcohol-based cleaner is used. If there are stickers stuck on the sheet metal, it is advisable to detach them with particular attention, with care and delicacy.

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