New update on all speed cameras, now it will be impossible to escape

A major update is about to start in speed cameras around the world, these are about to evolve and arrive at update 2.0.

Update on all speed cameras
Update on all speed cameras – Motori.News

From now on there will be no escape for any motorist, everyone will have to be much more attentive to the sight of the device that detects the speed while still being a long way away.

Even those who habitually brake suddenly when they notice a speed camera will not be able to consider themselves safe. Indeed, the last second braking will be to be avoided because not only puts his own life and that of others at risk, but it doesn’t allow you to get away with it.

The speed camera 2.0 update designed for those who don’t respect the laws

The battle against those who do not respect the highway code and therefore the speed, continues because today there are very few who do not respect the laws and commit infringements.

The speed cameras will be updated with the addition of a lidar sensor that allows you to reconstruct the surrounding environment and leverage over a 100m radius with a 360° viewing angle.

With this novelty we can go further. The speed cameras will be able to punish all those who behave incorrectly, because nothing will escape the laser that rotates 360° not even the smallest and most senseless detail.

Blue speed camera - Motori.News
Autovelox – Motors.News

How the new updated speed camera works

This new sensor focuses and detects any moving object of any size and is the result of years of study carried out by the French. The new speed camera, with 360° radar has been approved in France.

Today it is used to measure speed and that’s it. Then, slowly over time, it will be perfected and also used to carry out all the other checks and therefore for all other types of infringement.

For example, it could get to detect e to fine those who do not stop at the stop sign, or those who do not respect the safety distance, those who do not give the right priority at intersections, those who pass with the traffic light still red. Unfortunately, especially in big cities, at night, many do not respect the traffic lights, which is dangerous because in some cases it can cause an accident.

The same thing happens when motorists overtake, cross the continuous line and risk head-on collisions can have dangerous consequences.

The new speed camera updated slowly will also arrive in other states, including Italy. As much as it can be seen as a limitation or a problem, it is to be seen more as how a life saving device.

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