Blue stripes, totally free for these cars: you no longer spend €1

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From February 2023 the blue stripes will be free only for a certain type of car and you won’t have to pay even 1 euro! But be careful, you must be in a certain place in Italy, let’s find out which one it is!

free blue stripes
Free blue stripes –

Good news for those who are in Bra, from next February 2023 they will continue not to pay for the blue stripes for electric cars. Indeed, as has already been the case so far, the parking spaces for these cars will still be completely free in the blue zones, while things will change for hybrid cars.

Until now, even hybrid cars had benefited from total free rides in the blue stripes in Bra, but from February next year things will change, let’s see how!

Free parking in Bra for electric cars

The interesting news for parking in the blue areas in Bra is that they will continue to be free for electric cars. So far, even hybrids have used the free parking spaces in the blue areas.

But as Councilor Daniele Demaria explained, the blue zones were not created to bring money to the municipality, but to facilitate the exchange of stalls and encourage trade.

If they hadn’t adopted this strategy, the white parking lots would have always been occupied and there would have been no way to linger even for a few minutes. But unfortunately, Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular today. on the contrary, they have become the drivers’ favorites, therefore the replacement of parking spaces becomes necessary.

The free time for hybrid cars will be only 2 hours

That said, the municipality of Bra has decided that from 1 February 2023 a change will be made to the free parking in the blue zones.

While the electricity will continue to benefitfor those hybrids will be free for only 2 hours, provided that the second page of the booklet and the parking disc are exposed. In addition, hybrid cars will also benefit from one 30% or 60% discount on subscriptions, based on emissions on the carbon dioxide booklet declare.

The booklet must be shown when the first subscription is made. This decision will allow less polluting cars to take advantage of the benefits based on how much they pollute. As the councilor underlined, facilitating vehicles that ensure better air healthiness is a must.