Chase between motorbike and police ends in tragedy, policeman points his gun at him

An incredible video is circulating on the web of some motorcyclists engaged in dangerous wheelies on a multi-lane road. An absolutely dangerous manoeuvre, which was ‘caught’ live by some police officers circulating on that road. Despite the officers’ threat with a gun, one of the motorcyclists got away with running away. Here are the incredible and surreal images featured in a video that has already gone viral.

near-fatal pursuit
Near-fatal pursuit –

There are many, unfortunately, the people who become protagonists in the street of absolutely condemnable gestures and moves regarding the great danger. Situations that endanger life and safety of those directly involved and other unfortunate road users.

As obvious as that is, there can’t be cameras or police patrols on every street. It therefore becomes very complicated to track down dangerous users circulating by car or motorbike. But what happened in the US will really blow your mind.

Many times we come across some motorcyclists who are not respectful of the road rules and normal conduct on board their two-wheeled vehicle. For instance, wheelie on one wheel only is a move strictly prohibited by the Highway Codeeven more so if done at high speed on busy roads.

Dangerous wheelie - Motori.News
The chase after a dangerous wheelie – Motori.News

Being caught in the act means being punished with the maximum penalty, i.e. with a very severe fine and with the withdrawal of the license and the confiscation of the vehicle. But what happened in the United States? What video is circulating? Here are the amazing images that will leave you stone.

Wheelie on a wheel at breakneck speed and is chased by the police with a gun: here are the absurd images

In the last few hours, a video really absurd, if we think of the incredible coincidence of the fact and the failure of safety on a multi-lane and very busy road. What happened?

Wheelie prohibited - Motori.News
A snapshot of the incredible chase after the dangerous motorcyclist – Motori.News

We are in the United Statesalong a multi-lane road. In the video you can see some motorcyclists engaged in very dangerous stunts and absolutely prohibited by road law. Particularly, one of these rears up at breakneck speed, even standing up on the saddle. Such a spectacular move, but also enormously dangerous for the protagonist and for all the other road users circulating at the time.

A wheelie that certainly testifies to the skill of the motorcyclist, but also to his incredible recklessness. But that’s not all. Incredibly – and unfortunately for the person concerned – a police patrol is circling behind him. The agents flank the motorcyclist and invite him to pull over to the side of the road, threatening him with a pistol.

The bikerhowever, does not want to hear any reason and – not at all worried by the presence of the gun and by the fact of having been caught in the act – accelerate and run away at breakneck speed. For the agents, aboard a much less powerful machine than the two-wheeled racing car, there is nothing they can do.

At the sight of the gun, in fact, the motorcyclist is back on the saddle in no time – testifying to his ability on two wheels – downshift and accelerate immediately. His wicked move didn’t cost anyone their lives, but it seriously jeopardized everyone’s safety.

Here are the incredible images, which have gone viral on the web:

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