Become a parking master, here’s the trick to hit the spot right away

However small the parking lot may be and the car may be large, it is good to know that parking in one or two moves is always possible and that you don’t have to be a great driver.

Tight parking
Tight parking – Motors.News

It certainly cannot be said that it is easy to get the car into a small parking lot, it takes some time and practicebut the results are always there.

All motorists, experienced ones, as well as of course the newly licensed, have a common enemy: parking. Yet just follow some advice, to solve the problem in less than no time and no longer have nightmares and fears.

Tight parking, maneuvers that solve the problem in a few minutes

Attempt after attempt you acquire a simple, specific technique that allows you to position yourself between two machines, without hitting either one. The first thing to do is to position yourself next to the car, placing yourself level between the seats and the end of the other car. At this point the reverse maneuver is carried out by turning the whole steering wheel slowly so as not to make a mistake and risk damaging your car or the other or both. Once done, go backwards always turning the steering wheel to the opposite side.

When you have to park behind a car already placed in its parking lot, you have to pull over and then stop next to it, in such a way that the door handle of our car is parallel to the mirror of the other. Slowly then turning completely you go backwards. adjusting according to the remaining space.

Parking well is essential not only in order not to cause damage, but also in order not to get fined

Correct parking is important not only to save time, but also to avoid the risk of obstructing the passage of cars on the road or causing damage to cars. It is good to know that making a mistakealbeit trivial, can cost from €41 to €168.

To carry out any manoeuvre, it is important to check the road in the internal rear-view mirror, just as it is essential to use the right-hand rear-view mirror, then make sure that the maneuver does not create an obstacle or that it cannot be a danger to traffic.

Wherever you choose to park, never forget to activate the right turn signal. Then it is helpful to rotate the torso and head to have a good, clear and direct look at what is around the vehicle. The mirrors are certainly important, but the fact remains that any car has a blind spot on the right, which can be really dangerous.

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