Pink sheet, after this date it is no longer valid: a €1700 fine immediately

The pink sheet is the provisional document that is issued after passing the theoretical exam: but watch out for the deadline.

Fine pink sheet
Pink sheet fine – Motori.News

Here we are: you have passed the driving theory test and received yours pink sheet. This means that your road to the driving license has reached exactly halfway and you are “only” missing the practical exam to obtain the coveted license.

Of course there are gods limits to be respected in terms of engine capacity, night driving and time within which it is possible to take the practical exam.

Let’s find out everything together starting from the origins of the pink sheet up to the penalties provided for in the event of an infringement.

Pink Sheet: how to obtain and how much the fines are after expiry

The Pink Sheet is delivered to you immediately after taking the theory exam and, after the latest updates, it has duration of one year. During this period you have three possibilities to take and pass the practical exam: in case of failure or impossibility to do so, you have the right to request the extension of the document without having to take the theoretical exam again.

Facsimile pink sheet
Facsimile pink sheet –

But be careful because the pink sheet offers you authorization to drive a car, but only if you are accompanied by an expert driver with a driving license B held for at least 10 years and not older than 65 years.

Also, you can drive a car that does not weigh more than 3.5 tonsand that it must have one power below 70 kW and a kW/T ratio below 55. It is also important to affix a mark with the “P” for Beginner both in front of and behind the car, in a way that is easily visible to other drivers but without blocking your view.

For this, some are provided indicative measures: 15cm high, 12cm wide with letter P 12cm high and 9cm wide for the front. On the other hand, the rear one is larger with a 30×30 sheet and a 20×18 “P”.

The pink sheet allows you to drive on all roads where public traffic is expected, with a limit of 90 km/h on suburban roads and 100 km/h on the motorway. And yes, you can carry other passengersprovided that there is an experienced driver by your side.

P for Front Beginner
P of Front Beginner –

Another important thing is the night driving which, in the case of the pink sheet, is prohibited half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise. Only the exercises with the Driving School allow you to drive even in dark conditions.

Let’s go then to fines: if you are caught driving without a permit, even with the expert by your side, you will both be subject to the payment of a fine from 430 to 1731 euros. Also, if the person accompanying you doesn’t have the right license, get one fine that reaches up to 1697 euroswith administrative detention of the machine for three months.

Also watch out for the “P”: if you circulate without it, you can be fined from 84 to 335 euros even if the sign does not comply with the law.

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