Minus 8 points and a €1700 fine if you do this on the street: everyone does it

Did you know that if you do a certain thing on the street you can get a fine of up to 1700 euros? The Highway Code says so, if you commit this infraction they will also remove 8 points from your license, let’s find out what infraction it is!

minus points and fine
Minus 8 points and a €1,700 fine – motori.news

The fines regarding driving offenses are increasingly high. They can even go up to 1700 euros if you commit a particular infraction, let’s see what it is!

Drive carefully to avoid collisions

Driving a vehicle also means taking precautions to avoid accidents. Drive well and in safety it avoids causing accidents and involving other cars or even people, with consequences that can be serious.

So you have to follow the rules and this also avoids taking hefty fines. You must know that the fines have also increased and even by a lot, so, if you commit an infringement, know that you have to shell out a lot of money.

This is what happens, for example, if you don’t respect the rule of distance from another caressential for driving safely and without danger. Let’s find out what you can get into if you don’t respect this rule.

Respect the distance rule

Distance law, as the highway code says, must be respected. This rule is to allow to the cars that flow along the streets to flow smoothly and to avoid accidents due to excessive proximity between cars.

According to what has been established by the authority, if the distance between the vehicles is not respected, one can incur very high fines, which start from 87 to 344 euros. In addition, if the collision with the car results in damage to things or people, the fine it starts from 430 and can even reach 1730 euros.

Another consequence is also the deduction of 8 points from the licence, which can be reduced as the case may be. Of course, it’s always best to avoid finding yourself in such situations, so slow down and keep your distance from the car in front of you on the roads.

they can also deduct up to 8 points from your licence. Not to mention what happens if, due to this infraction, you go beyond the damages, and you experience the loss of a life.

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