MotoGP, Ducati thinks about Pecco Bagnaia’s dream “It would be wonderful”

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It’s a historic year for Ducati, but the challenges never end. Pecco Bagnaia launched the idea, can he be satisfied?

Bagnaia asks, Ducati answers – MotoriNews

It’s an unforgettable 2022 for Ducati, ascent to the roof of the world. It had been a long time since the last World Cup both in MotoGP that in Superbikes, but this year he dominated, even taking the triple crown in both world championships. The Borgo Panigale brand definitely has it grabbed everything that could be taken, realizing a vintage that entered the law by right history of the engines. But one of the two champions, that is I’m sorry Bagnaiais teasing Ducati with a dream in particular, and an initial positive response is already coming from the top management of the Red Army. Perhaps it will not be necessary to focus on the “exhaustion“, as the MotoGP world champion had hypothesized.

“Eight ducats? I don’t know how much…”

The first objective for next year is certain reconfirmwhich is the hardest thing. There aren’t many riders who have managed to win for more consecutive years… The last one was Marc Marquez, but since his injury they have followed one another three samples of the world in the past three years. Without forgetting that the level of the MotoGP is currently very high. Ducati also has the most bikes, but will it last? There have been gods previous in 500cc, but for a few years. “Eight bikes? I don’t know how long we’ll go on, it’s difficult he indeed admitted Gigi Dall’Igna. But as long as you succeed, you continue, even if you have to remember that a majority of a brand only it does not imply the world holiday. Pecco Bagnaia did the difference and in 2023 it will experience an unprecedented situation: it will be theobserved special, the driver to beat, alone against all. Quartararo, the aggressive Aprilias, Marquez himself, maybe even the KTM guys will do everything to have their say against the world champion Ducati.

Bagnaia launches the idea, Ducati thinks about it

But the MotoGP champion has a big dream called Suzuka 8 Hours. You said it again during the Ducati party in Bologna, there first answer of the leaders in red was not long in coming. “It would be a beautiful dream and interesting” in fact said Gigi Dall’Igna. But certainly not just to make a presence. “It makes no sense to participate if you can’t do well. I would like to build a dreamteambut it takes time” underlined the Ducati Corse general manager. But Dall’Igna’s head, always full of ideas, is already thinking about it. After all why not, why not try to please the rider who brought the Reds back to victory after a very long fast? Bagnaia has put the flea in the ear, Ducati can’t discard one dream project