Petrol, everything changes here: never seen such low prices

Gasoline today is the biggest problem and the biggest concern of any motorist in the world.

never seen such low prices
Petrol, never seen such low prices –

Due to the very high price many people today prefer not to travel by car but rather do it on foot or by public transport.

All this despite the buses etc being unreliable. For now, for months now saving is more important.

Motorists, students and workers prefer to give up independence, to go as little as possible to refueling and therefore to spend less on fuel.

What will happen in 2023?

The various maneuvers implemented by the government to keep the price of petrol as low as possible were not enough because fuel, of any kind, has reached 2 euros per litre.

It is not yet known whether the cut in excise duties will also be applied in the new year or if a full tank will cost a lot more than now. Which is a big problem that generates fears. Even now many families are unable to make ends meet because the expenses are too many and all too high.

In this regard, the proposal of the Lucania Awakened association breaks through, it is to all intents and purposes a bill called total exemption from excise duties, which has to do with diesel, petrol, gas, methane, the electricity and so on.

All this not for all territories but only for individuals and companies operating in Basilicata for more than 5 years or for at least 5 years.

Full of fuel
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That is why the bill was conceived

The proposal aims to make the area free like Livigno, therefore with a more favorable taxation, which does not weigh on taxpayers. Differently from the Lombard municipality, the exemption from excise duties would go to concern only the residents and not all the othersthe.

Franco Di Biase, as well as one of the eleven signatories of the proposal which was presented to the Court of Cassation and then published in the Official Gazette, explained that the request for the zeroing of excise duties probably came as compensation for the green light to drilling.

Drilling has been requested by the Draghi government in the past, strongly desired by the Premier.

Today Basilicata has all the credentials to be one of the many Free Zones in Italy especially considering the fact that it has become a drilling area despite the fact that the population was clearly against it.

Now the committee has 6 months to complete the collection of 50,000 signatures, should the proposed law reach its target it would end up straight into the hands of Parliament.

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