Highway tutors, watch out for these sections: they’ll fine you right away

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The tutors on the motorways are the nightmare of all Italian motorists who travel for work, study or simply for holidays, because when no one expects it they are right there ready to issue a fine for speeding.

tutors keep an eye out for these traits
Motorway tutors, watch out for these sections – motori.news

Immediately after the covid emergency, the Italians who have had the economic possibility they went on the road to make up for lost time, as a result the volume of traffic increased and returned to the same levels as in the pre-pandemic period.

The ultimate consequence has been the increase in the number of accidents which today worries the state. Most of these are fatal and involve young lives. Therefore, measures must be taken to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Fines for breaking the speed limits

This is why the Italian government has felt the need to install speed detection systems or tutors on almost all the motorways in Italy. Through tutors, the Traffic Police identifies and scans motorists who break the rules of the road even better.

It may be useful to know that on the Italian motorway network there are many speed cameras and speed cameras installed in the various stretches so you have to be careful. Seven new sections supervised by tutors were put into operation, for a length equal to 1500 kilometers of motorway.

The new tutor system guarantees the scanning of the vehicle image as well as a perfect detection speed and extreme data rate.

If you are caught by one of the tutors placed on all Italian motorways, the fine ranges from €42 to €173 if you exceed the limit of no more than 10 km per hour, from €173 to €695 plus a 3-point deduction from your driving license if the limits from 11 to 40 km per hour are exceeded.

Then there is a fine ranging from 544 euros to 2174 euros plus the suspension of the license from 1 to 3 months with the deduction of 10 points from the licence if the limit is exceeded from 41 km/h to no more than 60 km/h.

Finally, you can get a fine from €847 to €3389 plus the suspension of the license from 6 to 12 months and the deduction of 10 points from the license if the limits are exceeded by more than 60 km per hour.

Obviously the penalties and the deduction are different for new drivers, the penalties are double as well as the deduction of points.


The highways where the tutors have been installed

As regards the stretches of motorway that have tutors active and where care must be taken, these are the motorway that goes from Milan to Naples in a northerly direction, the A4 Turin Trieste motorway, the A5 Valle d’Aosta motorway, the A6 Turin Savona motorway, of the A7 Milano Serravalle, of the A8 in Milano Laghi, of the A10 Genova Ventimiglia, of the A13 Bologna Padua.

Then follow the A14 Bologna Taranto, the A16 Napoli Canosa, the A23 Alpe Adria, the A26 Genova Gravellona Toce, the A 28 Portogruaro Conegliano, the A30 Caserta, A56 Naples ring road.