Modded Subaru Impreza Wagon Races the Lamborghini Murcielago On Track

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The Subaru Impreza is a legend – you can’t deny it even if you come from the Mitsubishi team. Over the years, it has been available in several different performance versions, each holding a special place in the hearts of gearheads. However, there has never been a car that can compete with supercars. Until now.

Driven Mediaa YouTube the channel, with about 335,000 subscribers, has been modifying the Subaru Impreza wagon for the last six months in an attempt to make it fast enough to beat supercars. The project’s budget is capped at £15,000 (about $18,300 at current exchange rates) and in this new video from a few days ago, the team has finally put Subaru in a straight race against the Lamborghini Murcielago.

This is not just a simple drag race. Both cars made laps on the short track and, obviously, the faster one would win. The conditions weren’t ideal – some parts of the track were wet and the temperature outside wasn’t that high, but that’s to be expected in Great Britain in December. In any case, the conditions are the same for both cars.

Before the race started, the team shed more light on the modifications made to the Subaru. There’s now an upgraded clutch, coilover kit, semi-slick tires, upgraded brakes and a re-tuned engine. The factory undercarriage now develops a little over 300 horsepower (221 kilowatts) versus 196 hp (144 kW) in stock form. Perhaps because of the new yellow exterior color, the car was named Bananaru.

Lamborghini was the first to tackle the track. We have to say that the supercar doesn’t look as agile as one might expect from the footage, but it is certainly very fast even on wet surfaces. Plus, it sounds pretty epic. Murcielago’s time was 1:24.13 minutes and earlier was better at 1:16.7 in better conditions.

It’s time for Subaru to play the track. Drivers say the car now feels much faster and agile than before. It even has more grip than Lambo. In the end, the modified Subaru beat the Murcielago with a time of 1:21.36. And the team didn’t even spend the entire budget. Nice work, guys!