Speed ​​cameras, what do they contain inside? Amazing what you will discover

Speed ​​cameras are devices that allow the police to be able to check the speed of cars on certain Italian roads at any time. Not all are shaped and function the same. But do you know what is inside some of them? Here’s everything you need to know about this ‘mystery’.

what speed cameras contain
Speed ​​cameras, what do they contain inside? – motors.news

The Speed ​​Cameras they are devices feared by millions of motorists in our country. In fact, they constitute a constant threat, since every passing car can be intercepted. License plates transited with a speed beyond the permitted limits will be fined. The notification will arrive at your home and, if the device is in order, all you can do is pay the fine.

These devices can be located on any type of road, from urban to extra-urban ones. They can be of various shape and structure. The way it works can also be different. For example, the TUTOR speed detection system is active on some stretches of the motorway. It detects the average speed between one camera and another.

The classic speed camera, on the other hand, takes an instant photo when the car passes. They work with one laser and infrared technology, capable of taking pictures of every car passing on a specific road.

Speed ​​Cameras
Roadside speed cameras: here’s what’s inside – Motori.News

The purpose of Speed ​​Cameras is to limit people’s ‘desire’ to run on the roads and to jeopardize everyone’s safety. However, these devices must always be clearly visible and previously indicated. Furthermore, it is essential that they are calibrated and approved. Only in these cases, the fine will actually be valid.

But are you aware of what is present inside the columns placed on the roadside? Here is the detail that will certainly not be clear to everyone.

Speed ​​Cameras: Here’s what’s inside some of them

As anticipated, not all speed cameras are the same. Everyone will have come across speed cameras that are very different from the classic ones. We refer to columns positioned on the roadside. They can be of different colors, depending on how they work. The blue columns are normal fixed speed cameras, active 24 hours a day. AInside there is a camera with laser and infrared technology.

Internal speed camera
What’s inside the roadside speed cameras? Here’s everything you need to know – Motori.News

And the orange columns? Many believe that these devices serve the same purpose as other speed cameras. In fact, that’s only partially true. Indeed, the camera in these orange columns will not be present in a fixed way, but only if a police officer places it inside. These devices, therefore, can only issue speeding tickets with a patrol in the immediate vicinity.

Many motorists are unaware of this and slow down when approaching the charging stations. In reality, in most cases there is cosmic emptiness within these envelopes. Without the control agents, they represent empty columns and, therefore, simple bollards to put ‘fear’ to passing motorists.

We remind you that, regardless of the presence of speed cameras and their effective functioning, it is essential to respect the speed limits on each road and all the rules of the Highway Code.

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