Roadside speed cameras, if they are of this color they are fake: these do not work

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Speed ​​cameras are used to ‘punish’ motorists who exceed the speed limit on certain roads. They differ according to the type, their perennial functioning or not, the color and many other things. But did you know that some devices are not functional and only serve to ‘scare’ motorists? Here’s everything you need to know about such bollards of a particular color.

Roadside speed cameras
Roadside speed cameras – Motori.News

The Speed ​​Cameras they were introduced in order to make people understand that the speed limits must be respected. Exaggerated speeds, in fact, risk costing everyone a lot in terms of safety. In the worst cases, the fine for signaling with the speed camera system it can even exceed 2,000 eurosplus 3 months of driving license suspension.

A speed camera takes pictures without distinction of all cars passing on a road. People who cross the line show themselves deliver the notification home of the ‘crime’. Some speed cameras are fixed and do not require a patrol nearby, while others require the presence of officers. The former work 24/7.

For fines to be valid, it is essential that each speed camera respects certain rules. In fact, it must be perfectly calibrated and approved, but also clearly visible and signaled in advance – in both directions – to passing motorists. Furthermore, the speed limits on that particular stretch of road must also be indicated.

In recent years, there are more and more vertical columns on the roadside, referred to as speed cameras. They can be of various colors and cause a lot of confusion in Italians. Are they really functional or are they, so to speak, ‘fake’ devices? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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The roadside columns in question can be of two specific colors: blue or orange. The former are full-fledged speed cameras, permanently active 24 hours a day. They are made of metallic material and guarantee activity, thanks to laser and infrared technology. They will therefore be able to recognize all the license plates of the cars in transit and take pictures, as in the case of any other fixed speed camera.

Orange speed cameras
The orange columns on the roadside: that’s when they are simple bollards – Motori.News

And the orange columns on the side of the road? In this case, the question needs to be broadened further. In fact, inside these columns of plastic material, the camera may or may not be present. It will be there only and exclusively if there are agents nearby speed controllers on that road.

In all other cases, therefore, if you see a vertical orange post on the roadside, you can rest assured. It is a simple deterrent to discourage motorists from going too fast. These columns are easy to see in urban areas or in some peripheral extra-urban areas.

These orange columns are also called ‘Veil Ok’. As mentioned, in most cases there is absolutely nothing inside. In practice, when there are no active camera agents nearby, these elements are actually agents ‘fake’ speed cameras.

Speed ​​Cameras
Roadside speed cameras – Motori.News

That said, we certainly don’t want to encourage motorists to exceed speed limits. Regardless of the presence or absence of speed cameras and how they actually work, it is It is essential to drive on the road at a suitable speed, so as to NEVER jeopardize your own safety and that of other motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians on the road.