you get a fine of €335

Did you know that there is a figure in the vehicle registration document that can lead to hefty fines? The Highway Code provides for it and you must possess it to avoid penalties that can reach 335 euros, let’s find out what it is!

Circulation booklet
Vehicle registration certificate – Motori.News

The log book is a certificate which must always be carried in the car and the data given must correspond to the use made of the vehicle. Let’s find out when you risk getting fines of up to 335 euros!

The registration document contains important data

The vehicle registration document is a document which indicates all the information and data concerning the vehicle and not having one is a damage because you incur even heavy fines. If a check by the police occurs and you don’t have the car registration document, the fine is guaranteed.

Registration certificate - Motori.News
Vehicle registration certificate – Motori.News

Through this document it is possible check the make, model and year of registration of the vehicleif the tires associated with the car are approved, the declared fuel consumption, the emission class.

They are in the booklet also letters that indicate specific data, as for example near the letter A is the license plate of the car, at B is the date when it was registered for the first time, at C are the owner’s data. There are also other letters that indicate equally important data, let’s see what they are.

Pay attention to the information given in the car booklet

To avoid incurring penalties, it is advisable to carefully check the information in the vehicle booklet. There are two things in particular to keep an eye onthe letter F and letter S, which indicate respectively the maximum permitted mass and for how many seats the car is approved for.

The indicated guideline by article 169, paragraph 2 of the Highway Code underlines that the number of people who must board the car must never be higher than that established in the booklet.

The same thing applies to the maximum mass, which corresponds to the sum of liquids, tare weight, weight of the driver, luggage and passengers. To ensure maximum safety for yourself and the passengers on board it is essential to avoid exceeding the maximum permitted mass, which in any case also leads to hefty fines. In this case fines can range from 84 to 335 euros and these are not small sums.

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