If you always fill up you destroy the car: what have they discovered

Many people wonder when is the right time to refuel. That is, whether it is right to always fill up every time you are about to go to your trusted petrol station, or not. Is it also right to always have your car in reserve? Here’s everything you need to know in order not to compromise the regular operation of the car in the long run.

With a full tank you destroy the car
Destroy the car with a full tank – Motori.News

Since the end of February, since the outbreak of war on Ukrainian territory, therefore, there have been increases in every sector. Not even the one relating to was an exception fuel price to put in our cars. The cost per liter of diesel and petrol has skyrocketed and only some maneuvers by the Government have allowed the situation to be managed somewhat.

We are referring to the cut in excise duties and some petrol bonuses. Despite this, the price per liter of fuel has never fallen to the levels before the international tension. Filling up with petrol is increasingly becoming a luxury for many citizens of our country.

But do you know when it’s right to fill up the entire tank of your car? In some cases it was ascertained how fill up be absolutely counterproductive to the perfect functioning of our car. The risk of compromising some fundamental elements, in fact, is very high in the long run. How to behave at the petrol pump? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Filling up with petrol is risky in some cases – here’s what you need to know

To never cause damage to your car, you should know that there are better moments to fill up and others in which this move is absolutely not recommended. Let’s start by talking about the reserve. It must have happened to all of them to end up in reserve and to circulate in this state for several kilometres. Well, this thing should be avoided.

Full of fuel
Here’s when to fill up with petrol and when to avoid it – Motori.News

The petrol in reserve is quite dirty. The risk of walking in this state, therefore, is that of causing damage to the engine, since the pump and the injectors could be damaged seriously in the long run. In addition to the risk of running out of petrol, walking for a long time in reserve risks making you put a heavy hand on your wallet.

When to fill up with petrol? As mentioned, NEVER run into reserve, but decide to make this move when you have at least 1/4 tank left. If, on the other hand, you have reached reserve, our advice is to simply top up with fuel.

Moreover, it is wrong to fill up with petrol if you use the car little. In fact, the petrol in the tank, in the long run, it ages, settles and gets ruined. Dirty petrol, therefore, as anticipated before, risks putting too much stress on the pump, injectors and filters. They may get spoiled after some time.

Full fuel
Full of petrol – Motori.News

If you are a occasional drivertherefore, the advice is to NEVER arrive in reserve – this rule applies to everyone – and to refuel your car with a maximum of half a tank each time.

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