Ford Mustang Crashes Into Crowd Leaving Meet At Lambo Dealership


The car crash caught on camera at the Florida auto meet could have been much worse, but it looks like observers got lucky. Video from the scene captures a current-generation black Ford Mustang leaving a car meeting in Florida, and you might know where it’s headed. The driver lost control and violently crashed into the crowd lining the road.

The video captured a Ford pony car exiting the Lamborghini dealership where the meeting was being held. The driver stepped on the gas pedal, starting the engine. The back of the fishtail, the driver steered the car into the crowd as they lost control. The car skipped over the pavement, scooping countless numbers of people into its hood before stopping in the dealer’s grass. People rolled off the hood and onto the ground where others lay, diving out of the way to avoid being hit by an out of control car.

No injuries were reported, although WFLA said that one person from the scene posted a photo on social media of their ankle in walking boots. Police told the publication they were not aware of anyone being transported for medical treatment after the incident, although that may change. WFLA also reports that police issued two citations in the crash. However, they are still investigating the accident, so the police can file additional charges later.

Dealers had asked attendees not to show off at the event, but at least one driver wasn’t listening. The video records a fairly orderly departure of the car, even though the Mustang is going to the Mustang, right? Things could have been a lot worse, but we hope this is a valuable lesson for drivers not to be too arrogant and show off. No one will want you for your car, but they will want your car. Don’t show off.


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