Hard or blocked car windows, with this trick they immediately come back as new: try now

Are your car windows stiff or blocked? Try this trick and you’ll see that they’ll look like new right away. Let’s find out what trick to put into practice to make the stuck car window work!

Hard or blocked car windows
Hard or blocked car windows – Motori.News

How many times does it happen to find yourself with a stuck car window? This element of the car is very important for visibility and for passengers who are better protected, but it must always be efficient to perform its function properly.

But sometimes it is not necessary to replace it, but just check if there is anything preventing you from raising or lowering it and the problem is solved. But there are other reasons so the car window may not work, let’s find out what they are and what trick to use when instead the problem depends only on the gasket!

What to do when your car window is stuck

Besides that protect passengersthe car window allows perfect visibility while driving and it is impossible to do without it. To take advantage of its benefits is therefore it needs to work perfectly, but sometimes it happens to find it blocked and hard and not being able to use it properly.

Fine car windows
Car windows – Motors.News

In particular, the power window is equipped with a complex mechanism and when it is blocked the causes can depend on a component failure, mechanical or electrical. However, often the problem it depends on the gasketwhich may be dirty and prevent the window from moving.

The procedure to follow to unlock the window

If you find the window blocked check the gasket first and check if it is impeded by impurities and dirt that can sometimes accumulate in this point.

Carefully clean the gasket and you will see that the window will work perfectly. If instead the problem it depends on the fusethat could to have brokenyou must have it checked by an auto electrician, who will be able to give you the answer with a quick diagnosis.

Or, if the window is blocked, could be it is a malfunction of the electric buttons, and sometimes it can depend on a burnt contact. In this case you can use the other button and then have it fixed.

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