2023 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Now Available With 1,004-HP ZZ632 V8 Engine

The COPO Camaro lives on for the 2023 model year. The tradition, born in 1969 and reintroduced in 2012, has seen upgraded Chevy Camaros not meant for mass production. Chevrolet has announced that they are now taking orders for the latest iteration of this track-only race car.

For next year, there will be three engine options for the COPO Camaro. The 572 cubic inch (9.4 liter) V8, first offered in 2022, is now off the options list.

Don’t worry, though — Chevy’s “biggest, baddest” crate engine is making its debut at the 2023 COPO Camaro. We’re talking about the 632 cubic-inch (10.35-liter) Big Block ZZ632 V8.

While the exact power figures of this massive power plant are still “TBD” at the time of writing, the ZZ632 V8 box engine introduced in October 2021 has a peak output of 1,004 horsepower (738 kilowatts) and 876 pound-feet (1,188 Newton-meters) of torque. when running on 93 octane gas. We would expect output figures to be around that for the COPO Camaro.

Other engine options for the 2023 COPO Camaro are a naturally aspirated 7.0 liter 427 V8 and a supercharged 5.7 liter 350 V8, producing 470 hp and 580 hp respectively. This engine block comes in a variety of body colors, including the Vivid Orange color option for the ZZ632 V8.

As with other COPO Camaros, this is a custom-built race car, which means it’s not street legal. It doesn’t come with a title or VIN but will come with a Bill of Sale. Those interested may not submit their order, although that does not guarantee them a build slot. Once a build slot is granted, a $15,000 deposit will be required to secure the unit, unless prohibited by law.

Chevrolet has yet to announce a delivery schedule for the 2023 COPO Camaro. Extensive information and engine specs thoroughly detailed by Chevrolet via its website.

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