The Audi Skysphere Concept Becomes A Rideable Wooden Toy Car

In about a month, Audi will unveil its fourth “Sphere” concept which will join the first three introduced last year. The first was Skysphere, and this Vietnamese parent built one for his daughter, made entirely out of wood.

Youtube channel ND – The Art of Woodworking it is popular to make such art out of porous materials and like most of his creations it is a movable prototype with a work lamp and other mechanical parts.

The process starts with the floor, which is probably the easiest part. The craftsmen then started working on the mechanics and wheels. The wooden car was driven by an electric motor and equipped with a working steering wheel.

Given the complex curves of the two-seat EV roadster concept, we believe the wood replica bodywork is no cakewalk; the craftsman must ensure that the shapes and proportions are correct. We also like the mini wooden version that comes with front and rear lighting elements from the actual Skysphere concept presented in August 2021.

After several final touches and a total of two and a half months of work, the final product emerged. We think that’s great, considering the kind of materials the craftsmen have to work with. And even though the actual concept featured a variable wheelbase, the wooden version didn’t have that capability, which is okay because that would be crazy.

As mentioned, Skysphere is the first of the Sphere concepts that aim to see the future of the Audi brand. The fourth will be unveiled on January 26 and will be called Activesphere. It will be part of Audi’s “Celebration of Progress” event.

It may be a while before Audi introduces a production version of the Sphere concept, if at all – only the flagship Grandsphere Concept is meant to be produced. After all, at least one child from Vietnam was able to ride it in a wooden form.

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