With this button you heat up the machine in a minute: nobody knows it

Warming up the car in just a few minutes in winter when it’s very cold outside and the temperature inside the vehicle is low, is difficult. It takes a lot of time, which not all of us have available.

with this button you heat the car
With this button you heat up the car in one minute – motori.news

Especially those who are always in a hurry and don’t have much time to waste, nor do they want to be late, are constantly looking for valid tricks to solve the problem. Many think it is impossible, in reality it is not.

There is a quick, versatile method within everyone’s reach that allows you to heat the interior of the passenger compartment making it 100% welcoming in just a few minutes, but few know about it.

Here’s what many drivers don’t know

The most inattentive and least curious motorists will not have noticed a button that can change your life. We all think that cars are all the same, but that’s not the case, there are different accessories or functions from vehicle to vehicle that it is better to know.

In fact, after buying a new or used car, you should even dwell on the details for know the vehicle 100% and exploit it in all its features without leaving anything out unfortunately.

The button referred to is the air recirculation button which is present on any car, from the oldest to the newest and is responsible for activating a circuit or the recirculation circuit, comfortable and practical in winter but also in summer.

Air recirculation
machine – Motors.News

What is the button on all cars for?

Pressing this button closes the external air inlet shutters, in this way the car keeps the temperature high and warms up quickly. This button can also be used in summer when it is hot outside and a cool, light temperature has been created in the car.

This happens when, for example, you keep the car in the garage for whole days, when you get in, a significant temperature difference is noted. It’s hot outside, but inside it’s great.

So the first thing to do is to close the circuit leaving the heat or any smell outside. Thanks to the air recirculation button you can keep the environment hot or cold and avoidespecially in winter, that the temperature changes or causes illness.

Frosty mornings in particular are very dangerous for your health. In any case, remember that this system should not be used for too long because otherwise the windows will fog up, humidity rises easily and then it becomes a big problem.

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