Highway Code, starting today if you do this they’ll take away your license for life

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The highway code is quite clear, the rules must all be respected and in any situation, whoever does not do so, in some cases risks a fine and even the revocation of the license for life.

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If until now the fines are the same for any income bracket, they could soon become variable and increase or decrease according to income.

That’s all provides for the hypothetical reform of the highway code. Matteo Salvini Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport would like to review the highway code since it was last revised 30 years ago.

Minister Salvini’s announcement, here’s what could change soon

Minister Salvini has announced a 360° squeeze, with fines adjusted to the income of the driver of the vehicle and much more. Above all, the topic of electric scooters will be addressed which until now they roam the streets without rules and often cause accidents.

As trivial as it may seem, the accidents caused by scooters are many, because who gets to drive does not respect the rules of civilization for which it travels at high speed even on sidewalks and beyond.

Speaking of this, road accidents in Italy are increasing, in recent years, post pandemic the numbers have increased considerably. Most of these are even mortal, caused by inattentive novice drivers or drunk driving.

This is why, according to the new government, the time has come for firm action. Most road accidents involve young people aged between 18 and 24, in 65% of cases either the driver or the passenger dies as a result of the accident.

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The government runs for cover, beware of checkpoints

To run for cover, the government has decided to sanction all responsible motorists, acting in particular on the weekend with more controls in the busiest areas and where the nightlife takes place.

In explaining what the changes to the highway code will be, the minister referred to the last serious accident that took place in Alessandria, which due to drugs or alcohol led to the death of a young boy.

In this regard, it should be remembered and emphasized that those who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol are already potential murderers, and for this reason the revocation of the license for life is being evaluated with increased fines based on the user’s budget.

The provision will probably be among the most useful in recent years, now it was now indispensable due to the inadequate behavior of many novice and non-licensed motorists. We await news and developments.