Car warning light, if this stays on it’s very dangerous: you’re finished

We all think we know cars well and that they are all the same, in reality there are small details that make the difference and that we should all know.

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Do you know what this little light is for in the car? –

The mistake we often make is to assume that we know every single feature of the car and that we don’t need to read the instruction booklet. made available by the car manufacturer.

In reality, precisely because of this error, some features of the car escape us, often it’s those features that make the difference, because increase comfort and safety inside the vehicle.

Discoveries through social media

Today, social media allows you to discover things that would otherwise remain secret. For example, there is a method that allows you to heat up your car quickly, in a few minutes without having to wait too long.

Even defrosting the glass is no longer a problem if you know the right tricks. Until now, everyone has passed their hand over the glass, or set the hot air to maximum to speed everything up and then intervened with a sleeve of a jacket, sweater, t-shirt to have excellent visibility, speeding things up.

Instead, through videos on social media it turns out that in reality a bag full of water is simply enough to solve the problem. But that’s not all, because always through a video on Tik Tok you discover something that it can change the lives of motorists.

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What is the spy to pay attention to

When you are driving a vehicle, you must always keep a particular warning light under control, which signals a possible malfunction. If you realize in time the problem can be easily solved, on the contrary you risk having to ask for help and having to spend a lot of money both for maintenance, than for damaged pieces.

The warning light in question is a flag immersed in the waves which indicates that the engine is warming up properly and that you have to wait for the operation to finish to avoid problems.

The car can only be started when the light goes off because you have to wait for the machine to reach the right temperature if you don’t want to take any risks. There are those who don’t wait and try to do it even with a cold engine. But it’s good to know that the consequences can be truly bitter.

Realize in time and ask for helpif something goes wrong it’s the best thing you can do, because damage of this kind really hurts your wallet, so be careful and patient.

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