Free car tax, for 3 years you pay nothing: apply now

Everyone would like not to pay road tax for 3 years, but there is an exemption that allows you to do so and you have to hurry to request it. Let’s find out what it is and in which regions there is an exemption.

Free car tax for three years
Free car tax for 3 years –

Not paying the car tax would be a great advantage for all Italians, however this is not possible. However, there is the exemption from car tax, permitted in many regions, the reduction of the tariff and now there is also the possibility of not paying the road tax for 3 years, let’s see how!

Situation in Italy on car tax

Since 1999, the Italian regions have managed this tax and in some and the methods of collection may vary from territory to territory. For example, in Sardinia and in Friuli Venezia it is the Revenue Agency that takes care of the car tax.

However, for electric cars, the exemption from car tax is applied in 18 regions and has a duration of 5 years. Instead, in some regions some cars pay a reduced rate. Let’s see below in which regions of Italy exemption from road tax is applied and which vehicles pay a reduced rate.

car super tax
car tax –

Which regions apply the car tax exemption

The car tax exemption for electric cars is applied in Liguria, the Marches, Abruzzo, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Trentino, Valle D’Aosta, Friuli, Basilicata, Puglia , in Calabria, Campania, Sardinia and Sicily.

In particular, in Piedmont, total exemption is applied for electric vehiclesas well as for Euro 6 gas, LPG or natural gas cars and all cars with dual fuel.

Instead, in Lombardy the exemption is applied to hydrogen cars. From 2022, the region also assigns a contribution of €90 to those who want to scrap old polluting cars. Also, to whom buy a car for 5 or 6 euros, BiFuel petrol or hybrid, grants the car tax exemption for 3 years.

Finally, for 5 years has reduced the tax for hybrid cars by 50%but on condition that the registration of the car has been carried out from 1 January 2019 and that it has not been purchased with scrapping.

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