you get a €335 fine if you make a mistake

If you don’t turn on the indicators when you’re driving, you can incur heavy penalties and in some cases the fine can even reach 335 euros. Let’s find out in which case you can take this fine!

fine car arrows
Car arrows, turn them on only in this case –

The use of arrows is mandatory and it’s required by the highway code. Indispensable for signaling to other drivers that you are carrying out a maneuver which may involve overtaking or changing lanes, or maybe you are making a turn, the arrows must absolutely be used to avoid accidents. Let’s find out what fines are expected if they are not used and in which case the penalty is equal to 335 euros!

What the highway code provides for arrows

Article 154 of the Highway Code establishes that the direction indicators must be used by car and motorcycle drivers who are driving a motor vehicle.

The numerous paragraphs present in the legislation indicate precisely in which cases the arrows are to be used. The direction indicators are used to warn other drivers well in advance that you are about to change direction.

use of arrows

Paragraph 2specifically, says that the arrow must be held as long as the maneuver lasts and must be removed when it is completed.

Heavy fines if you don’t use the arrows while driving

If you don’t respect the rules of the Highway Code you can be fined with very high financial penalties and in some cases they can even remove the points from your driving licence. In detail, there are 3 cases in which administrative sanctions may be incurred:

  • Turn without putting arrows

Turning left or right without using the arrows may incur a fine of 38 euros and 2 points will be deducted from the licence.

  • Overtaking without using turn signals

In this case the fine ranges from 80 to 323 euros. Furthermore, if the same infraction is committed within 3 years, 5 points are deducted from the license and there is also the risk that it may be suspended for 3 months.

  • Switch to another lane without using the arrows

In this case, the fine provided for by the Highway Code can range from 84 to 335 euros and 2 points are deducted from the licence.

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