Have you ever seen this sticker on your windshield? Everyone is wearing it

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In recent times, the use of a special sticker on the windshield has become widespread – here’s what it can be useful for.

Car stickers
Car stickers – Motors.News

Among the many objects that can be useful for our car we can name the most disparate.

We have the classic solutions represented by car air freshenerthe conventional “alberello” now available in various forms, not to mention the charging cables for smartphones which, in the latest generation models, allow access to advanced infotainment systems such as Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Then, everyone is free to keep what they see fit may be useful to him during the life cycle of the machine, as long as it is legal. Ready-to-use handkerchiefs, spare sunglasses useful for every occasion, hand sanitizer to be used after refueling, spare masks and much more.

In recent times, however, the use of another object has been spreading, initially little known but which you will surely have seen installed on some car if you noticed. We are talking specifically about an apparently trivial, but incredibly useful, sticker to be placed on the windscreen.

Adhesive attached to the windshield: what it is for and why it can be useful to you

This sticker was born with the simple need to gain space in the car: it performs somewhat the same function as the pocket emptier that we use at the entrance to the house where we place the keys, some coins or other objects that clutter up inside our trousers.

Parking ticket holder
Parking ticket holder – Motori.news

In the case of the car obviously we are not going to hang keys, but this sticker works exactly like a practical and comfortable document holder. Attention, we are not referring to large documents, such as the vehicle registration certificate or the insurance certificate, but small things that are useful at the moment and can avoid misunderstandings with the police.

Parking tickets, permit tickets and everything in between can be useful when we need to expose something in order to avoid the infringement and the consequent fine. They are usually installed on the right and inner side of the windshieldbut you will be the one to find the location that is suitable for you.

Where can you buy them? Practically everywhere online, even on Amazon: they cost very little, are supplied with all the instructions and indications for their use and allow you to easily remedy the annoying problem of parking tickets, for example, which perhaps are pushed by the air once once you have closed the door and which do not allow the police to verify its presence, imposing a fine that you will not be able to appeal.

Car windshield
Car windshield – Motori.news

It’s the classic little thing that an apparently trivial practice like that of displaying tickets and other kinds of documents of this type can do for you. It costs a few euros, is easy to use and detach and above all it is not invasive to the eye. You should try it.

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