Never put your bag on the passenger seat, what happens will scare you

Among the gestures that many people do is to put their purse or other common objects on the passenger seat or on the dashboard of their car. A move that everyone happens to do on a daily basis, but which in some cases could cost a lot. What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know and what to watch out for.

never rest the bag on the seat
Never place the bag on the passenger seat –

Almost all women, as soon as they get into the car, place their own bagsmartphone or other items on the passenger seat. A move that would seem normal, but which reveals security problems. What are we referring to? Here are all the details on this habit to change as soon as possible.

We have referred to women, but men also often place their personal items or other elements – such as a mobile phone or house keys – on the passenger seat, if there are no other people inside the car. As an alternative to the passenger seat, there are cases of ‘lazy’ motorists who place these objects on the dashboard.

Placing various objects on the passenger seat or on the dashboard of your car, strange as it may seem, is something to always avoid. And the reasons are purely related to safety.

Let’s find out why performing this move could seriously risk your safety while driving, but not only. Here are all the details about it.

Placing the bag on the passenger seat could prove wrong: here’s why

First, let’s start by saying that putting your bag or other valuables on display is something wrong regardless. When stopped at a traffic light, for example, a thief could come alongside you and steal whatever is on your seat or dashboard. But is this the only risk you run?

Seat bag - Motori.News
Bag and other valuables on the passenger seat or on the dashboard: here are all the risks you run – Motori.News

Furthermore, many people leave some objects unattended and in plain sight inside their car during a stop and when they are not present inside it. Something that could entice bad guys to break into your car to steal your valuables.

In addition to this aspect relating to the risk of suffering a theft, however, there is something else. Placing items on the passenger seat or dashboard can seriously put your safety behind the wheel at risk in the event of a road accident. In this case, therefore, we are not referring to the presence of thieves or criminals, but to a serious risk to your health and safety. What could happen?

All cars are now equipped with devices airbags. In the event of a serious accident, they open automatically and can save your life by preventing you from hitting other elements in the car. But the presence of objects on the dashboard or on the seat could seriously endanger our safety

Passenger seat bag - Motori.News
Bag on the passenger seat – Motori.News

The deployment of the airbagindeed, it would send such objects flying at full speed, with the serious risk of being seriously hit.

The advice we feel entitled to give you, therefore, is to NEVER place objects on the dashboard or passenger seat. They will be placed in the appropriate drawers or under the seat. Having a clean and tidy car guarantees you maximum safety, both against thieves and in the event of a road accident and airbag deployment. Think carefully next time.

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