High beams, keep them on for 5 seconds before starting the car – amazing what happens

Did you know that there is a very specific reason to turn on the high beams for 5 seconds before setting off the engine? Let’s find out what it is!

five seconds the high beams
Turn on the high beams for 5 seconds – motori.news

When winter comes it can sometimes the car does not start on the first try. The problem of cold and night frosts is typical above all of the northern regions and those who live in these places often have to deal with this inconvenience.

However, thanks to the high beams it is possible to avoid this problem and also avoid any damage to the car, which would involve further investment of money. But how to use them to help start the car? Let’s find out below!

Older cars have problems starting in winter

The ignition problem it does not concern new generation carsbut older ones. Therefore, if you have bought a used car, which does not belong to the newly designed ones, rest assured that if it is leave it parked outdoors at night ignition problems will appear when temperatures are very low.

In these cases you don’t have to accelerate too much because you would strain the enginebut you need to maintain a steady pace to warm it up gradually.

dazzling car lights
High beams – motori.news

In modern carsas said before, this doesn’t happen. Indeed, the recent engines I am equipped with technologies able to suck up the right fuel to ensure proper heating of all components.

Turning on the high beams warms up the car engine

Designed to ensure a more powerful light beam to drivers at night, the high beams however, they should not be used on approaching vehiclesbecause they annoy other drivers who do not have a good view because of them.

I am but very useful for warming up the car when it is left outside, outdoors, especially in winter. In these cases the engine is very cold and sometimes it doesn’t start on the first try. If, on the other hand, you turn on the high beams for 5 seconds before starting the engine, the current is activated in the starting system and in a short time it reaches the right voltage.

In this way the battery is less stressed and there is less risk that it could be damaged. Before leaving, however, remember to turn off the high beams.

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