Car doors, protect edges from impacts with 0.01 cent – as good as new

Protecting the doors of the car is the first thought when buying a new one: here’s how you can solve it with a few pennies.

Door corners
Corners of the counters – Motori.News

Here we go: you just picked up yours brand new car and you’re ready to park it in the garage or next to another car. Here comes the age-old problem: nDo not slam the car doors for any reason to avoid immediately ruining them.

We think above all of the bordersthe most susceptible to possible shocks, even light ones, which can irreparably cause unpleasant scratches, especially if it is a new car.

Not to mention that we certainly can’t trust others, so it’s good prevent any possible problems using stickers that are as cheap as they are incredibly useful.

Protect car door edges with this ingenious solution

The tool you need to protect the edges of the car doors costs very little and you can buy it anywhere: online on Amazon or simply at any auto parts dealer who will certainly be able to show you the right choice for your car.

Car door
Car door –

These bumper stickers they are applied directly to the edge of the car door: they are coated in a rubber called to cover the entire surface of the door in order to prevent any small impact from damaging the paint.

The beauty of this solution is that it is a product that does not spoil the aesthetics of the car: indeed, if we may venture, we can say that it intelligently “breaks” the color of the car, especially if it is a metallic gray or a dark gray with a remarkable elegance.

Do not underestimate this aspect because it takes very little to ruin your new car. We are certainly not interested in selling you bumper strips, also because we are not indicating any brand, but it is a suggestion that we warmly send you, because taking care of your car also involves this.

Bumper strip
Bumper strip –

There bumper stripAs mentioned, it installs easily and cleans up just like you would the rest of the bodywork. His resistance is extraordinarywhether it’s passing through the violent tunnel of a car wash or having to resist under the scorching summer sun.

Mind you, after a few years a strip could even come off, but luckily they cost so little that finding spare parts is easy and it takes you nothing to install them as you are immediately ready to go again.

How little? Consider that a single strip, if you buy the packs in maxi packs, can cost you only 1 euro cent. You read that right: a penny for each door and you are safe from the potential damage of any collision.

Basically, with 4 cents you can protect your car’s paint in a very simple and effective way: why give up on safety?

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