GM Design Shares A “Fresh Take” On Buick With A Coupe SUV Sketch

We knew this year that Buick would go electric toward the end of the decade. With that move to electrification, the brand also changed its design, plus a restyled crest that represents a new era for the brand.

Our first look at the future Buick design was showcased in the Wildcat EV Concept that was revealed earlier this year. This low-key coupe looks cool, but what if it got some ground clearance and became an SUV?

General Motor Designthe automaker’s official account on Instagram, showing what it looks like in a recent social media post.

According to the social media post, the design is a sketch by Namwoo Kim, showing a “fresh look” at Buick. Kim has served as creative designer at GM since 2014.

As already mentioned, the sketch above reminds us of the Wildcat EV Concept. You can see the similarities in the top lighting elements and the lower grille, although Kim’s idea for the headlights is very different from the EV concept. There is also a fairly large space off the ground, equipped with large wheels. This tells us that this design was intended to be an SUV – a coupe SUV at the time the swoopy roofline is evident in the images.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Buick sketch posted on GM Design Instagram. A seemingly sedan version of the Wildcat appeared before that, which definitely looks faithful to the EV coupe concept.

It’s hard to say whether this will be a production vehicle or even just a concept, but we’re not counting on that. At best, it’s just a design study that we’ll continue to see as the automaker reinvents itself over the years. It’s a completely new take on Buick design as the automaker’s foray into the electrified future.

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