Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck Gets Another Price Increase

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  • After raising prices for Ford F-150 Lightning in August and again in October, wade has raised the bar for entry again, this time to $58,514.
  • The price hike hit the more budget-oriented Pro and XLT trim levels, with the more expensive Lariat and Platinum trims spared the hike. The destination fee is increased by $100 overall.
  • Ford issued a statement to Car and Driver said customers awaiting delivery on current orders were not affected by the increase. Adjusted pricing begins with new retail order banks on Dec. 15 and will apply to Q2 commercial order banks when they open.

Looking back now, the original 2022 F-150 Lightning was a bargain at a starting price of $41,669. While reopening the order bank for the electrified pickup, Ford quietly raised the price of the 2023 model for the third time since August, raising the base price to $58,514. The new prices reflect nearly $5,000 of inflation since only the last round of adjustments, and push the needle further out of reach for customers looking for a basic electric truck.

Unlike the price hikes from August and October, which raised prices on every trim level, this latest hike has only had a serious impact on the cheaper trim levels. Despite the $100 increase in the destination fee (which occurred overall), the top two trim levels are unaffected by the recent changes.

CD’s the favored model, the XLT, now starts at $66,014 when equipped with the standard-range battery, while the XLT Extended Range goes up to $82,869. The more expensive Lariat and Platinum trims only go up with a $100 destination fee increase, to $76,369, and $97,819, respectively.

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According to a statement from a Ford representative to Car and Driver, price increases are standard business practice due to rising material costs, market factors, and ongoing supply chain constraints. The updated prices go into effect December 15, when order banks reopen for retail customers. Commercial prices will increase when the next Q2 order bank opens. Customers who ordered at a previous order bank and are still waiting for delivery will not be affected by this increase.

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