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As accustomed as we are to using the car to move around every day for work or for other needs, we could suddenly find ourselves in dangerous, unpleasant situations in which we have no idea how best to behave.

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Today we must consider that vehicles are safe because the technology inside them is of various kinds but it’s all state of the art.

Yet there are subjects who find themselves one step ahead and therefore know how to operate to carry out the thefts without leaving even a trace.

That’s why when you’re in your car, stopped at traffic lights, waiting for someone to leave a shop or come down from home, it’s best to keep an eye out.

The estimates of the Ministry of Transport

Probably if we were to find ourselves witnessing a theft of any car, everyone we will remain impassive, no one knows how to behave in these certainly unpleasant situations.

Yet we need to reflect and think about which action would be better to implement, because it could happen to anyone at any time, considering the really difficult times and the economic hardships caused by the crisis that has literally invaded us.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Transport has shown that over the last few years i Vehicle thefts in Italy have increased significantly. They had decreased during the lockdown period, then everything happened, in order to bring something home, people are ready to do anything.

Car theft with coin –

The new trick that endangers motorists

The problem pUnfortunately it is too serious and endangers the entire population, which in fact has never felt safe from the pandemic to date. There is one method in particular that is used by thieves, to which we must be careful.

This is a foolproof method. Some people who have suffered thefts have confirmed this and have reported that they have found an object leaning against the car. Those who noticed earlier managed to run away and not get fooled, those who noticed it afterwards he was trapped.

The trick works like this, the thief jams a coin or any object that makes a noise when falling, in the vehicle door handle. The owner is often inattentive, goes to pull the handle, hears a noise, walks away from the car to go in search of that something.

At that point the criminal gets into the car left unlocked due to haste or distraction and drives away. Therefore, first of all, always remember to lock the car correctly with thekey and activating the alarm and then move.

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