Goodbye car review, in this city you don’t even spend 1€: how lucky

There is a new case that allows you to no longer do the car review: a very specific situation that can incredibly benefit you.

Review –

There car review it is a check that we are entitled to four years after the first registration and then every two years until we keep our car. The overhaul is carried out by a specialized workshop who will check various parts of the car in order to make sure that it is still roadworthy.

They come control yourself therefore the braking system, with handbrake, service brakes, pads and discs, the functioning of the steering, the correct sealing of the windows, the effective functioning of the electrical system, the condition of the chassis, the emission of noises in compliance with the law of the law, the identification of the vehicle and the regular state of the safety devices.

The cost of the auto inspection increased last year and it can come up to 80 euros at MOT centers and authorized workshops. To save some money, you can try to get it at the Civil Motorization for around 55 euros, otherwise at an ACI agency for 72 euros.

Is there therefore a way to avoid this payment due to the obligation of the technical review? Now there is an interesting news concerning i owners of a specific type of vehiclewhich are thus exempted from the mandatory review.

Goodbye car inspection: vehicles exempt from inspection

We are talking about a very specific case and we are aware of it, however if you have a motorcycle registered in France from now on you will no longer be obliged to carry out the review within the times established by law.

The decision comes thanks to the French Motorcycle Federation which has been working for years on the complete abolition of the inspection and has managed to obtain the first go-ahead at least as regards motorcycles. Probably, in the future we will work to extend this innovation to cars as wellat least to the latest generation ones.

Not an easy choice considering that the European Union has required member states to comply with an inspection interval every two years: but it is a great victory that will please French motorcyclists, or even you if you have a motorcycle bought and registered in France.

In Europe, the transalpine country is not the only one to have this advantage: the other is the Denmarkwhere the inspection obligation does not exist even for cars, although it is highly recommended.

Car suitability check
Car suitability check –

The local police forces are in fact authorized to make sure that the vehicle is still fit for circulation on Danish roads: otherwise, a fine is triggered which risks becoming very salty. It starts from 336 euros up to 2500 euros depending on the severity ascertained by the police.

In Italy for the moment we remain at the state we know well: four years after the first registration and then on a regular basis every two years.

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